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Probate Paralegal

Chipman Mazzucco
Job Description
(1) The probate paralegal will assist with the preparation of probate applications, prepare inventories, returns and lists of claims, estate tax returns (federal and state), fiduciary income tax returns, interim and final accounts, closing statements and all other applications and documents routinely prepared in connection with the settlement of estates and trust administration.
(2) The probate paralegal will communicate with the client (meetings, emails, letters and telephone) during all stages of estate settlement and trust administration for the purpose of collecting information necessary to complete reporting and filing requirements described above and to keep tabs on the client’s concerns and needs.
(3) The probate paralegal will communicate with (by letter and telephone) the probate courts and tax authorities on a regular basis.
(4)  In general, the probate paralegal will be involved in all aspects of estate settlement and trust administration.
Skills and Qualifications:
Attention to detail; strong oral and written communication skills; strong editing skills; experience or knowledge in accounting, taxes and probate; knowledge of fiduciary accounting systems (OneSource, in particular, by Thomson Reuters) is a plus; experience with Word, WordPerfect, Excel, and similar applications; a warm and caring personality; good listening skills; completion of a Paralegal program is a plus, but not required.

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