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News Release: 9/14/2022

Preferred Therapy Outpatient and Wellness of Bethel is pleased to partner with the Bethel and Danbury Chamber of Commerces on their Grand Opening of Preferred Therapy Solutions' newest outpatient and wellness clinic. All press and public are invited to the opening celebration on September 29th, 4-7 PM, where they can tour the clinic, meet the staff, engage in live demonstrations, and enjoy light refreshments.
This clinic is notable for its progressive therapy techniques and specialty programs. Areas of specialty include Functional Manual Manipulation, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Massage (IASTM) Graston Technique, and Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), as well as, Orthopedics, Pelvic Health, Sports Medicine, Neuromobilization, Pediatric Therapy, Low Vision, Geriatric Rehab, are just a few programs offered to enhance and improve each patient’s rehabilitation process. Dr. Kyle Brinkerhoff and his team are skilled in treating core issues and not just the symptoms. “We recognize each patient is unique and believe in creating programs that achieve individualized goals. It is important to provide customized personal care rather than a one-size fits all approach in order to maximize therapeutic benefits,” states Dr. Brinkerhoff, Clinic Director. Preferred Therapy Outpatient and Wellness of Bethel's multi-disciplinary model provides rehabilitative therapies for everyone of all ages,” states Dr. Brinkerhoff, Clinic Director. Preferred Therapy Outpatient and Wellness of Bethel's multi-disciplinary model provides rehabilitative therapies for everyone of all ages. 
To accommodate busy lifestyle needs, the clinic has extended its hours of operation and offers Telehealth consults. Telehealth delivers rehabilitative personal programs in an innovative platform, allowing patients a secure solution for recovery no matter where they are.
Liz Almeida-Sanborn, President and Founder of Preferred Therapy Outpatient and Wellness (a division of Preferred Therapy Solutions) identified the need to expand the Preferred Therapy footprint to Outpatient and Wellness when she recognized the shift with healthcare reform. “It has always been critically important to me that we meet our patients where they are in providing opportunities for rehabilitation and recovery. The expansion into outpatient and wellness clinics will allow us to serve our communities more broadly with successful and meaningful rehabilitation programs designed to restore function and well-being. We are a team of fiercely passionate Therapists that believe it is our responsibility to advance clinical excellence in the communities we serve utilizing evidence-based practices in Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy services.”
To learn more about Preferred Therapy Outpatient and Wellness visit:
or email: Noreen Hiltsley Mosher at

ABOUT: Preferred Therapy Outpatient and Wellness (PTOW) is a division of Preferred Therapy Solutions (PTS) a leading provider of comprehensive rehabilitation programs focused on superior care and patient satisfaction. PTOW provides an unwavering commitment to clinical excellence, evidence-based research, and education with freestanding outpatient clinics, assisted/independent living, and adult day health centers. PTOW and PTS’ abilities significantly enhance the quality, scope, and efficiency of rehabilitation, affording our partners and providers to focus on achieving high levels of patient satisfaction and providing excellent patient outcomes.